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Richard stopped working March 29, 2002 ... went on "paid leave" until September 1, 2002 when he "officially" retired [58 years young!]. Health Care had undergone a reorg here in BC and he did not want to begin searching for employment again as what had been some 52 health authorities had been reduced to 6 in our Province. This meant the loss of local control of budgets, decision-making, etc. His position as CFO was gone also, and that meant looking for a new job ... not an easy task when 58 years old. So, he chose retirement and, has not been the least bit sorry!

Life on Northern Vancouver Island left a lot to be desired as our community had a population of 2,800 and it was a full days travel [including a 2 hour ferry ride] to reach the mainland and "civilization". Plus, weather conditions there were such that the norm was rain & winds with little sunshine. End result was that we purchased a 2 bedroom condo in Vernon in the Okanagan Valley and moved here December 1, 2002.

The Okanagan Valley is semi-desert; Vernon has a population of some 40,000 and offers us all we ever need. Our new home faces south-east giving us morning sun and a view of the city [2nd floor condo], is close to the downtown area that we can walk everywhere except to the malls which are on the outskirts of town. Plus, we are now mid-way between our children, son in Vancouver and daughter in Calgary, Alberta!

We have four grand children, two girls in Calgary and a boy and girl in Vancouver.

Anita has never been happier since we moved to Vernon. She also likes the sun and dry climate, has found a good Church, is busy with her crafts, and has again taken up piano lessons for enjoyment.

The dry climate here in Vernon has been extremely good for Richard's health. Living on the Island he constantly experienced pain in his legs ... a result of the damp climate there. After having been in Vernon 2 months the pain has gone away and he feels just great! His daily walk is about 7 kilometers or 4.5 miles and takes about 1 hour.